We all enjoy high energy in ourselves and others: it’s just more fun. Are you enjoying the high energy of happiness, prosperity and health in your life?

There’s energy in everything. Behavioral and cognitive science shows that negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions weaken our body’s health and our mental wellbeing; the body reflects what is going on emotionally. And repeated scientific studies evidence that it is difficult for us to overcome the limited thoughts, expectations and opinions we are preconditioned with from childhood. What if there is a simple way to release old patterns and beliefs and realign your energy for love and happiness?

Debra Hammond shifts out energetic blocks and aligns her clients’ energy so they create happy, prosperous, love-filled lives.

SimplyHealed™ Certified Practitioner BadgeThrough The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®, they are free to lead productive, prosperous and comfortable lives. SimplyHealed™ is an energy healing modality with very simple and effective techniques for clearing low energy and energy blocks. SimplyHealed™ quickly shifts and improves energy that is already naturally in our bodies and spirits, easily relieving anxiety, stress, false beliefs, fear, trauma and much more. Debra’s clients enjoy the benefits of this energy work in their daily lives.

Here’s what Debra’s clients say about her work.

“I feel so much better than before! Like the song I Feel Better by Gotye.” — London, England

“Yesterday was amazing.  I’ve received a few really important benefits already – both my brother and my sister-in-law got in touch with low-key, friendly messages, and a creative problem I’ve been worrying about for months suddenly looks really exciting, solvable, and fun. I owe you so much. I can’t wait for our next session.” — Another London, England

“I feel wonderful. Happy, peaceful, trusting of the Universe.” — Santa Monica, California

“I have to tell you about my next day. Upon waking this morning, I just felt lighter. I made an opportunity to go for a walk with a neighbor that normally I wouldn’t even consider going with and it was wonderful. I received an email to go on a painting course in Tuscany with an artist instructor I have always admired, and asked my girlfriend to go and found she is definitely interested. My husband is supportive. The big thing was I spontaneously invited friends over for a dinner party tonight. Something I used to do, but haven’t in, oh, twenty years! They just left, and we had an awesome time. So I definitely had a great day, and am looking forward to many more like this! Thank you, Debra.” — Nova Scotia, Canada

“Debra is wonderfully gifted, and my session with her garnered much needed peace in the lives of myself and my two little ones. Our session was extremely helpful as we face the ups and downs of our family transition. Much of the uncertainty about our situation was cleared and, through her continued maintenance, it continues to be clear. I highly recommend Debra and the SimplyHealed Method®.” – Chicago

“Within a few weeks after my session with Debra, a certified SimplyHealed™ practitioner, I experienced many incredibly positive changes in my life.  At first, I did not believe that one person could release energy for another person and I thought the whole thing was bogus. But then, a few days after our healing session, I began to notice that I was nicer to others, happier, calmer and more self-assured.  I had the strength to walk away from a bad work situation and, as if by some miracle, a couple of weeks later I reconnected with an old dear friend.  It is clear to me now that the healing work I did with Debra opened me up to experience life fully and has enabled my friend who is the love of my life to find me after many, many years.  I recommend Debra very highly. When you work with her, you not only become a better person but you also gain a friend!” – Chicago

“Debra Hammond is an amazing and gifted SimplyHealed™ practitioner.  She is very intuitive and spot-on with her energy work.  She has done a couple of sessions on me with miraculous results.  My mother and I were trying to connect with a publisher and distributor for our cookbook.  Nothing had fallen into place.  Within a very short time after Debra worked with me on this issue, miracles began to happen!  The perfect publisher/distributor came out of nowhere, loved our book, and we signed a contract and are looking forward to our book being published very soon!  Thank you Debra!” – Utah

“Funny when I woke this morning, instead of feeling dread and anxiety, I said mentally, ‘I have a 1,000 things going for me.’ That was a really new thought. I usually am trying to squiggle down in the covers to hide. All day I felt lighter.” – Chicago

“Feeling great!  My muscles and [emotional] blur have calmed, and I can breathe deeply.  I feel hopeful and grateful.” — Madison, Wisconsin

“I recommend Debra’s energy work to everyone! Debra is a gifted SimplyHealed™ practitioner who quickly identifies low energy and transforms it. She recently did proxy work on a family member, and it was amazing to see this person’s low energy (anger, hurtful words and actions) transform into high energy (loving, kind words and deeds). Their disposition totally changed for the best!” — St George, Utah

“My home was burned and my entire family was displaced as a result.  I have a large family and have always been self-reliant and suddenly I was faced with this overwhelming situation. Working with Debra brought such relief from stress, I was amazed.  I could feel energy clearing blocked, pent-up issues in my body.  I left feeling lighter, stronger physically and confident about my future and the future of my family than was possible just a few days before. And I have now enrolled in school to get my degree.  I’ve talked about it for years and suddenly now is the right time.  I know the SimplyHealed™ work has given me the confidence to do this now.” – Chicago

“I have a lifelong depression illness and am dependent on pharmaceuticals. I am subject to sudden outbursts of temper at the most inappropriate times. The SimplyHealed™session with Debra was calming and felt, even at the time, healing. Over the last month, I have felt increasingly calmer and at peace and have gone all number of places without a single emotional outburst. And Debra also healed my cat who pooped and vomited many times a week on my rugs. Hurray!” – Illinois

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