We all enjoy high energy in ourselves and others: it’s just more fun. Are you enjoying the high energy of happiness, prosperity and health in your life?

There’s energy in everything. Behavioral and cognitive science shows that negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions weaken our body’s health and our mental wellbeing; the body reflects what is going on emotionally. And repeated scientific studies evidence that it is difficult for us to overcome the limited thoughts, expectations and opinions we are preconditioned with from childhood. What if there is a simple way to release old patterns and beliefs and realign your energy for love and happiness?

Debra Hammond shifts out energetic blocks and aligns her clients’ energy so they create happy, prosperous, love-filled lives.

SimplyHealed™ Certified Practitioner BadgeThrough The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®, they are free to lead productive, prosperous and comfortable lives. SimplyHealed™ is an energy healing modality with very simple and effective techniques for clearing low energy and energy blocks. SimplyHealed™ quickly shifts and improves energy that is already naturally in our bodies and spirits, easily relieving anxiety, stress, false beliefs, fear, trauma and much more. Debra’s clients enjoy the benefits of this energy work in their daily lives.

passion-test-facilitatorDebra is also proud to be a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and uses this amazing tool in her work with her clients. She helps them identify their passions, helps them “choose in favor of their passions”, and aligns their energy to fulfill their passions. Debra walks clients through the Passion Test in private, confidential, one-on-one sessions. It’s a proven formula for creating anything you want in your life, developed by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood.


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Find out more about Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood’s Passion Test and get passionate about your life.

Disclaimer: Debra Hammond offers to clients SimplyHealed™ sessions which involve a natural method for energy healing for the purpose of releasing negative energy blocks and infusing positive energy. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care which is the client’s responsibility. Debra Hammond does not diagnose conditions, nor prescribe medications, nor interfere with the treatment of any licensed medical or healthcare professional. Clients are encouraged to seek a licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailments they may have.


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